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Full Coverage- Gulf Run 7 Revealers :)

The sound of the engines , The Speed of Light.. The beauty of the Cars On the Track , The Smell of the Engine smoke and Brakes .. Everything was perfect !

We didn’t Want to just Snap Pictures , We want you to see the Real Thing 😉



Here’s exactly what happened !

Enjoy the beauty […]

Shoojy taking Over Info Connect !

Yesterday Shoojy crashed info connect expo .. and You can guess what happened ??

Everyone just went Crazy !

Here’s some quick shots 😉

How cute was that baby girl !

Some Crazy Fans !

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The AbracaDabra Experience

We were lucky enough to be invited to attend the AbracaDabra show that was brought to us by EVENT Mania. I usually don’t go to these types of shows, but from now on I’ll make sure I don’t miss any!

The show started off with a Belgiam comic magician Rafael, great for kids and overall nice to see!



Then […]

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Flash Mob Day ! :P

P0ach Angle


Blog 37 Angle



The Dusty Co Angle



for more versions and angles  please visit

www.botamba.com 😛


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One Word- Disappointed


You guys know us .. we don’t usually talk about politics or Religion in this blog !

But Honestly I have to let it out of my system !

When I saw the election results yesterday .. I had this Bad feeling, mixed feelings actually I was heart Broken for Kuwait and felt like I couldn’t breath […]

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The perfect cupcakes for the perfect day from Crumbs !

Love those companies who comes up with creative please Vote idea’s even if some doesn’t get effected by it ,the fact that they took the time to just show support to their country means a lot!

Thanks Ahmad ! :)

You Can find them in Crumbs Avenues !

Hoping […]

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Who Voted ?

Who Voted ??

We Did :)

Vote for Kuwait!

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Info Connect Expo- Glad Or Dissapointed ?

For those who visited  Info connect  .. what do you think of it this year?

In terms of everything organization, theme, offers?

Were you Glad you visited or Disappointed?


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What's Your Favorite Nutella Mix!


I love Nutella .. with Bread , Withe Crepes or in Hot Chocolate Milks and Cakes ..

But I want to challenge myself in trying Nutella with something else .. NO NOT BURGERS PLEASE ! :S

Any suggestions or some Crazy stunts you used Nutella with Salty things ?


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